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Look Me In The Eye

Posted on: 30. Dezember 2012

This is an excerpt from the book „Look Me In The Eye“ by John Elder Robinson which I like a lot because he describes how he is asking for things he likes. It’s from the chapter „Married Life“.

„When Martha first met me, I was anxious and jumpy. I was always tapping my foot, rocking, or exhibiting some other bevavioral aberration. Of course, now we know it’s just normal Aspergian behaviour, but back then other people thought it was weird, so of course I did, too.

One day, for some reason, she decided to try petting my arm, and I immediatly stopped rocking and fidgeting. The result was so dramatic, she never stopped. It didn’t take long for me to realize the calming effect, too. I like being petted and scratched.

„Can you pet me?“ I say when I sit next to her.

I also say, while tilting my head, „Scratch my fur.“ (…) She will scratch my head or rub my ears. Sometimes she rubs my forehead or my shoulders. And she scratches my back.

„Scratch lightly, with claw tips“ I say. Light scratching with somewhat sharp nails is best.


Every night, when we go to bed, she puts an arm or aleg on me, or lies up against me untill I fall asleep.

If she doesn’t, I complain.

„Come on,“I say „Put a paw on your mate!“

„Can you pet me?“

„Can you scratch my fur?“

I am always calmer and more relaxed in a pile, being petted.

Nowadays, for the first time, I fall asleep quickly and I seldom have bad dreams.


1 Response to "Look Me In The Eye"

Interessant. Mein damaliger Freund hatte auch Asperger und es schien ihm so ziemlich gleichgültig zu sein, ob er gestreichelt oder beim Schlafen umarmt wird. Nur so als Ergänzung, damit nicht jemand auf die Idee kommt alle Aspies mögen gestreichelt werden.

Und: So schön direkt würde ich meine jetzigen Partner_innen auch gerne mal um Zärtlichkeiten bitten…

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